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  1. I want to optimize for only , I don't want to optimize for, can I get discount ?
Sorry, our SEO services come in packages, no discount given even you choose only 1 search engine.

2. What are the difference between your service and other competitors ?

i) Some of the so called "SEO company" only optimize for your website by using " sponsor links ". The disadvantages of " sponsor links " are :
a) The fee is calculate based on  " per click " , and normally one click is USD 0.10 for one keyword. Some popular keywords could be USD 1.00 per click. Just imagine, if one day there is 10 people visit your website, you have to pay USD 1.00 to USD 10.00 per day.

b) You competitors, or some play-for-fun people could easily sabotage you by keep clicking your website sponsor link and you still need to pay for this not genuine clicks

c) Sometimes the sponsor links appear on the right panel of the search result. It is not eye-catching even though it is rank on first page.
ii) Other SEO companies only guaranteed for 1 months, 3 months or 6 months. We guaranteed ONE FULL YEAR OR MONEY BACK !

iii) Other SEO providers are using SEO SPAM method to optimize your website, In this case, your website will be high risk to be banned by search engines. Try searching "Malaysia SEO Spam" in, you will find some interesting post there.

3. What if I want my website to be listed on TOP 1 or top 5 ?
First of all, No body can guarantee top 1 position as Google already warn about this. So the bottom line we can offer is top 10 (first page). However, most of our existing clients are listed on Top 10 and many of them are listed on TOP 5 too. Neverthelss, We don't want to over-promise that a website is guaranteed ranking on Top 5, because sometimes the ranking could go up and down easily within 5 to 10 listing.

4. Will it be listed in the regional search engine such as ,  ?
In most cases, listed in main search engine such as or will be also automatically listed and positioning on top position in regional search engine. However, we don't make any promises for top ranking in search engine if you don't take our local SEO package.

5. Can I change the keywords again after it appears on Search Engines ?
No, once the customer confirms the keywords, you are not allowed to change the keywords until the 12 months service period is expired.

6. Can I choose few keywords target for Yahoo, another few keywords target for Google ? 
Sorry, It is not allowed.

Please contact us now for more information. Remember, you have nothing to lose because we offer 1 year money back guarantee !
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